Paul graduated from Westfield State College in 2001 with his Bachelor of Science in Movement Science, with a double concentration in Sports Medicine and Health and Fitness. He then accepted a full time job Training in the fitness center at the YMCA in Springfield, Massachusetts. Paul was able to train a very diverse group of clients, ranging from individuals in wheelchairs to professional athletes. A significant part of Paul’s job was working post rehab, with clients who had just completed their physical therapy. The experience he got from that work has educated him greatly in helping people recovering from injuries and in injury prevention.

In 2005, Paul left the YMCA and moved to Connecticut to join The Edge Fitness Team as a Trainer in Stratford. There he quickly blossomed and became one of the most successful and respected trainers in the company. Paul was seeking new challenges in his career and wanted to be able to give his clientele a better and more private training experience; so after almost 5 years with The Edge, he  founded Legitfit. At Legitfit, Paul gives his clientele the higher end training that they deserve, at prices that they can afford.

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